We are interested in uncovering the general underlying principles by which sensory and cognitive information is represented and processed in mammalian cortical circuits. Below are a few graphical snippets of our currently active research projects.
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A key activity in the group is developing new data analysis techniques for studying the neural code, making particular use of techniques from information theory and nonlinear dynamics.
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Optogenetic disruption of function in neural circuits
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Understanding cerebellar sensorimotor coding
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Understanding information processing in the mammalian cerebral cortical circuit
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Large-scale neural simulation to aid in interpreting neural recordings
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Developing new experimental technologies for interrogating neural circuits, with current topics of investigation including large-scale multi photon neural population recording, automatic two-photon targeted patch clamp recording, and wavefront shaping for optical recording and perturbation.
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We have an ongoing collaboration with Konstantin Nikolic on Computational Optogenetics. Figure from Grossmann et al, J Computat Neurosci 2012.